Frequently Asked Questions

Important information about MICRODOLLY equipment and availability

How do the pan/tilt controls work?

The MICRODOLLY POWER HEAD movement is controlled by strong, smooth cables which are attached to the Weight Cage at the back of the JIB. The system is weatherproof and will operated in extreme climate conditions. It can also be accessorized to be controlled electronically by digital joystick motors. In addition, the POWER HEAD can be mounted to a tripod and operated manually as a zero-gravity pan/tilt head. The POWER HEAD weighs 8.5 pounds (3.75kg).

How much weight will the MICRODOLLY POWER HEAD carry?

The MICRODOLLY POWER HEAD is designed to carry cameras weighing up to 40 pounds (18.1 kg).

Can I use the MICRODOLLY POWER HEAD on other manufacturer's jibs?

Yes, the POWER HEAD will adapt to many other jib brands by using the POWER HEAD ADAPTER KIT. The kit allows you to mount the pan/tilt controls on the weight bar systems of many different jibs.

Can the MICRODOLLY POWER HEAD be inverted?

Yes, the MICRODOLLY POWER HEAD can be mounted either above or hanging below the camera plate of many jibs.


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