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Cool Tools For the Digital Age From MICRODOLLY HOLLYWOOD

1995 was a hallmark year for the film and television industry. Digital technology was in full swing and would soon change forever the way images were created and distributed.

In Hollywood that same year, an award winning Producer/Director retired after forty years. During his career he had worked on productions in some twenty-five countries. No matter the budget, every project had a common problem, a need for lighter and more portable camera support equipment. He formed MICRODOLLY HOLLYWOOD to meet this need. Using aerospace design and manufacturing methods, a unique line of Camera Jibs, Dollies, and Mounts were crafted and quickly became the industry standard for crews who needed to travel.

The company's first product was the MICRODOLLY CAMERA DOLLY SYSTEM. The Dolly with thirteen feet (4m) of track weighs only ten pounds (4.5 kg) but will support ten times its own weight. This patented system can easily carry a standard professional video or film camera and provides smooth, bump free dolly moves even on rough location surfaces. Surprisingly, it folds to just thirty inches (76 cm). Average set up time, including the spring-loaded track, is less than two minutes. Any amount of curved or straight track can be easily attached.

Next in the cue was the MICRODOLLY JIB ARM. This clever jib design weighs less than 11 pounds (4.4 kg) and has a rise of nearly six feet (1.9m). A sturdy, folding Weight Cage can be added to hold anything available for counterweight, even water. You do not have to travel with iron gym weights! It sets up in less than two minutes and can carry cameras as heavy as 50 pounds (22kg). Extensions can give the JIB a reach of up to twelve feet (3.7m).

Later the MICRODOLLY SUCTION MOUNT SYSTEM soon became one of the most popular products. Three strong suction cups connect to a sturdy camera plate in just seconds to mount a camera or light on a moving vehicle, train or boat. Clamps will mount it to bikes or ultra-lights. The System can also be configured as a Shoulder Mount or Skater Dolly.

Next was the MICRODOLLY POWER HEAD. This device provides remote control of pan and tilt movement for cameras. Designed to be used with the MICRODOLLY JIB, the POWER HEAD also works with the MICRODOLLY SUCTION MOUNT when attached to moving vehicles. Cameras weighing up to forty-five pounds (18kg) may be used. The unique POWER HEAD design allows it to be controlled by silent, super-smooth manual push-pull cables or joy stick/electric motors. The POWER HEAD may also be inverted and mounted to a standard tripod for manual control.

Built for extreme weather conditions, MICRODOLLY gear has worked from the Arctic to the Sahara Desert to the jungles of Panama. Today there are thousands of MICRODOLLY products in use in some sixty countries. Designed to travel, this gear is well suited for today's new digital cameras.


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