Frequently Asked Questions

Important information about MICRODOLLY equipment and availability

How do the MICRODOLLY products work as a system?

MICRODOLLY gear is purpose-built to work as a complete system as well as stand alone products. The camera plate design is identical on each product. The Jib Arm will work both on and off the Dolly, the Power Head can attach to the Suction Mount Kit or the Jib Arm, the Riser Kit can mount on the Jib Arm, and the Jib Arm can even be attached to the Suction Mount.

All MICRODOLLY products are sold as kits. This means they contain everything you need to begin shooting once you receive the products. Where necessary, even a knob to attach the camera is included. Each MICRODOLLY product comes in its own Case. Even small accessories are packaged in individual pouches and bags. Three dimensional exploded view instruction cards are included with every Kit.

Where can I get prices on MICRODOLLY products?

To view pricing on all MICRODOLLY equipment, see our Price List. For further information, you can also Contact Us.

If I live outside the United States, can you send MICRODOLLY products to other countries?

Yes, MICRODOLLY HOLLYWOOD ships all over the world! When you're ready to order, contact us for shipping information. For our international customers, you can also purchase through our list of dealers. View a list of Dealers around the world.

Can I rent MICRODOLLY equipment?

Yes! Local shooters can rent daily or weekly. Long term rentals for TV series can also be arranged.

How can I order MICRODOLLY products?

MICRODOLLY HOLLYWOOD products can be shipped across the country and around the world. If a product is listed on the web site, it is in stock. We ship everyday including Saturday.

Orders can be placed by email (), by phone (818.845.8383) or fax (818.845.8384).

How do I carry my MICRODOLLY gear when traveling?

All MICRODOLLY equipment is sold with either hard, foam-cut metal cases, or heavy-duty soft cases included.

Where can I find tutorials on MICRODOLLY equipment?

Information on all MICRODOLLY products can be found on the website as video tutorials.


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