On Location: Malibu

Customer Review

Dateline: Malibu Ranch

James Balog, Cinematographer

One of the biggest problems with the sort of Wildlife, Adventure Location Photography that I do is that you often don't have a "big crew" and "big budget," still you want some added production value in the shots. You want what a dolly move can give you.

MICRODOLLY gives us more production value without having a large crew and lots of heavy equipment that would slow us down too much. I like to work fast, I like to keep crews small and I'm working in locations where I can't have really complicated, time consuming set-ups.

I really like the MICRODOLLY! It's a great tool for moving fast, keeping your crew light and still getting terrific dolly shots. We can get a lot more done in one day than we normally could. I love this thing!

James Balog can be contacted at:

Jupiter Pictures
Boulder, Colorado, USA


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