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Magazine Article Review

There's a growing hunger today to make the video camera a more active participant in the shoot. And manufacturers are exploiting the light weight of new video cameras to create some ingenious ways to help videographers capture the footage they want.

MICRODOLLY HOLLYWOOD, for example, quickly found a niche for itself when it opened its doors nine years ago. The Hollywood-based company has over 3,000 of its affordable Systems in use worldwide. They also make light weight Jib and Suction Mount Systems.

The Dolly System, at 10.5 pounds (including 13 feet of track), can carry a full film camera kit weighing 110 pounds, but it can also deal smoothly with a little Sony PD-150. Made of the same metal composite as aircraft landing gear, the lightweight Dolly System is made to fit in a 33-inch travel kit, so it's very location friendly.


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