On Location: Hollywood

Customer Review

Dateline: Universal Studios Hollywood

Harrison Engle, Producer/Director

Recently, while directing a television special for American Movie Classics about the restoration of Alfred Hitchcock's thriller, "VERTIGO," at Universal Studios, I found myself wishing I could use a dolly shot to illustrate the vast size of Universal's film vaults. It was one of those spontaneous shots we hadn't planned on, but I knew would be right for our show. A quick phone call and the MICRODOLLY was at our location, set up and in use.

My cameraman, Larry Mitchell had not used the MICRODOLLY System before and marveled at the ease of use and true versatility of this amazing piece of equipment. The MICRODOLLY enabled us to set and shoot our moves with speed, efficiency and great elegance.

This simple, lightweight Dolly and Track System really can achieve the effects of its much larger, heavier and more labor intensive brethren. We were enormously satisfied with the results, a series of stylish shots for our production.

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