On Location: Washington

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Dateline: Bremerton, Washington

Doug Watson, Lighting Cameraman

Assignment: The U.S.S. Missouri. A two-day shoot aboard the most famous battleship in the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Site of the surrender of Japan in 1945, the Missouri last saw action in the Gulf War.

Now decommissioned, she will soon become a national tourist attraction. Mindful of it's history, Producer Rich Luciani and I felt we should capture the Missouri's faded glory in her best light. This proved to be no easy task. Our strategy was to shoot all exteriors when there was a pause in the rain. (Remember this is Washington.)... then go below. But, "below" turned out to be five stories from the bridge to the engine room.

Outside, we climbed up on the turrets of the Missouri's famous sixteen-inch guns and made some real impressive moves. It's amazing how just a smooth, simple little move can sweeten the shot.

If you've ever climbed up and down five stories carrying vast amounts of equipment for endless set-ups you know how important light weight gear can be. Lucky for us we had the MICRODOLLY. It was perfect for the job... giving us smooth moving shots even in very tight passageways deep inside the ship.

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