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Dateline: Australia

Geoff Grist, Video Department, Australia

The love affair between MICRODOLLY HOLLYWOOD and Australia began at the NAB in 1996 when Garry Maunder and I first saw a demo of the new MICRODOLLY system.

That first MICRODOLLY was purchased by Tony Mestrov who shoots for "Beyond 2000." Tony said, "Fantastic! At last a Dolly I can travel with. This one's mine." That Dolly has now been around the World quite a few times and is Tony's favorite piece of equipment. His wife Jan assures us that it's a true love affair.

Garry Maunder has also taken the MICRODOLLY to distant locations. Garry said that "In Africa the locals were fascinated. They loved to help set up the Dolly and watch the shots on our small field monitor. We then moved on to Vietnam and Cambodia with terrific results." Maunder continued, "This was a real test for the MICRODOLLY being jammed into small aircraft, then thrown into the back of four wheel drive trucks and bounced all over the countryside."

Now all the top rated shows of Australia have a MICRODOLLY, "Getaway", "60 Minutes", "The Great Outdoors" and "Beyond 2000."

Geoff Grist can be contacted at:

Video Department, Australia
Sydney, Australia


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