On Location: Ohio

Customer Review

Dateline: Ohio, USA

Dean Marini, Director of Production Services

Our clients love the MICRODOLLY. We used it during the National Inventors Hall of Fame induction and the client and director couldn't use the shots enough. It added so much to the broadcast that during rehearsals we kept changing our blocking so that we could use the MICRODOLLY even more.

The MICRODOLLY has really brought a big time look to all our projects. It's wonderful in tight spaces, and it's so lightweight that I don't mind lugging a Dolly and Track up 14 flights of stairs. It's so easy to set up that you don't worry about tearing it down to move from room to room for a new shot.

It has also helped on projects where the budget is tight. I no longer need to worry about if there's room in the budget to rent a grip truck or a Dolly and Track. Now in two minutes I unpack and set up my MICRODOLLY and I've got a perfect Dolly shot without breaking the clients bank account.

Rarely does a product perform as well in the field as it does on the floor of the NAB. But right out of the bag the MICRODOLLY performed great. Image Video is a big fan, and we can't wait to see what new products MICRODOLLY develops in the future.

Dean Marini can be contacted at:

Image Video Teleproductions, Inc.
North Canton, Ohio, USA


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