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For those hopelessly enamored of the latest and greatest in technology, location production offers the best excuse for dropping some dough. Sure, you could rely on your trusty old tripod and fluid head. But face it - it is a competitive business. Adding to your toolbox remains a pretty good bet.

This is especially true as the tools benefit from lighter, stronger materials, improved computer capabilities, and inspired invention. With each available notch up in the technology, there is even more push on that envelope. An example? From those innovative types at MICRODOLLY HOLLYWOOD, there is a back-packable mini-Jib Arm Crane and a Dolly tracking system. (The crane, by the way, weighs just over 11 pounds, yet it can rise to cover over 6 feet. The folding counter-weight cage can use anything you can put in it for balance.)

So here's a look at some very luggable gear.

MICRODOLLY HOLLYWOOD, using the aerospace resources available in Southern California, builds strong yet ultra-light Camera Dollies, Dolly Track, and even a Jib Arm Crane. Heavy anodizing protects the gear's aircraft-grade aluminum. The Dolly rig and 13 feet of track come in at a mere 10 pounds. In a couple of minutes, you can fold it into its 30-inch soft case. There's curved track, too (four sections make a full circle).

The company has also made the relevant accessories available. The Dolly Push Bar allows an assistant to push the rig via a T-Bar. The Hi-Hat camera mount positions the camera just inches above the Dolly track. Ingenious foam pads clip on the track to give just a little feedback as to where you want to stop the Dolly run.


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