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July 2024

Hello from MICRODOLLY!

Here's the latest NEWS UPDATE on our new SUPERSLIDER DOLLY and TRACK SYSTEM.

This innovative Camera Dolly and Track can be quickly mounted onto any length MICRODOLLY JIB in less than sixty seconds. Both the JIB and DOLLY Systems remain completely functional at all times and the camera may be attached to either the JIB or DOLLY in just seconds.

One major improvement over other Slider Dollies is that the MICRODOLLY SUPERSLIDER DOLLY travels on smooth and silent weatherproof custom made wheels. This allows the DOLLY TRACK to be extended from three feet, to six feet, nine feet or twelve feet.. The SUPERSLIDER TRACK may also be used directly on the ground and comes with four point adjustable leveling feet. If you wish, the TRACK can even be mounted to one or more tripods

In summary, the SUPERSLIDER DOLLY and TRACK SYSTEM brings a whole new dimension to contemporary camera support and is particularly well suited for HDSLR cameras.

Click or call for the upcoming delivery date of this great new product and check out the SUPERSLIDER SYSTEM at work in "The Hit" video below.

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