Frequently Asked Questions

Important information about MICRODOLLY equipment and availability

How much weight will the Jib Arm carry?

The MICRODOLLY JIB will safely carry up to 50 pounds (20.5kg) at its minimum reach of 33 inches and 35 pounds (15kg) at its maximum reach of 12 feet (4m).

Will the Jib Arm fit on my tripod?

Most medium to heavy duty tripods will work. Even though the MICRODOLLY JIB Arm only weighs 9 lbs. (4.08kg), remember you need a tripod that will support the total weight of the camera, Jib, and counterweight.

Why should I purchase a MICRODOLLY Jib?

When you do your research on Jib Arms, find out how much they weigh and find out how much camera weight they can carry. There are Jibs that cost less but it will be difficult to find anything that weighs as little and carries as much weight as the MICRODOLLY Jib Arm.

All MICRODOLLY equipment is specifically designed and purpose-built to travel. Lightweight and strong, this gear will carry any film/video camera up to 50 pounds. (20.5kg) The maximum size of any MICRODOLLY Equipment Case is 36 inches, less than a meter.

How much weight will the Power Head carry?

The Remote Pan/Tilt MICRODOLLY POWER HEAD will safely carry up to 45 pounds (20.5kg) of camera.


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