Frequently Asked Questions

Important information about MICRODOLLY equipment and availability

How much weight will the Camera Dolly carry?

The MICRODOLLY Camera Dolly will safely carry up to 100 pounds (40.5kg).

How much does the Camera Dolly Kit weigh?

The MICRODOLLY BASIC CAMERA DOLLY KIT weighs only 10.4 Pounds (4.5kg). It includes 13 feet (4m) of Track, the Camera Dolly, 26 feet of Pads, 12 track shims, a tripod tie-down ratchet and a Soft Case. The total weight of the Dolly Kit is less than most professional tripods.

Will my tripod work on the Dolly?

Most professional camera tripods can be used on the MICRODOLLY CAMERA DOLLY. Once the tripod foot pads are removed, the spikes will fit into one of several holes built into the Dolly T-Bar. Many tripods without spikes such as Manfrotto or Gitzo can also be used.

Will the Dolly and Track work on surfaces that are not level or smooth?

Yes, the MICRODOLLY Camera Dolly is designed to work on surfaces that are not level or smooth. The connection of each track section will flex slightly without causing the Dolly Wheel to bump. There are also foam pads in the Dolly Kit to place under the track so that it will work smoothly on sand, snow and grass.

What if I need the track to be curved?

MICRODOLLY Camera Dolly Track also makes Curved Track sections which will interconnect with MICRODOLLY Straight Track sections. Each Curved Track section is 15 feet (5m) long and turns a full 90 degrees. Four Curved sections make a full circle with a radius of 8 feet (2.2m). No adjustments are necessary in order for the MICRODOLLY Camera Dolly to be used on Curved Track.

Can I use the Camera Dolly in wet or cold climate conditions?

Yes, all MICRODOLLY products are specifically designed to operate properly in extreme weather and will work in any condition a human can safely endure.


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